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Final Declaration of the Second National Conference of the Somos+
Movement / Somos+
Posted on September 17, 2015

Final Declaration of the Second National Conference of the Somos+
Movement – Havana, Cuba, 13 September 2015

We find it unacceptable and offensive that the police tried to thwart
this meeting. As distinguished, responsible, Cuban adults, who have not
broken the law or caused anyone harm, we demand respect for our
organization, movement, and freedom of expression. Especially at a time
when the government has recently made amends with its “historic enemy,”
it is inconceivable that its citizens are still persecuted for thinking
and speaking honestly.

We are happy to hear the news of the humanitarian release of 3,500
prisoners. However, we think that those who were deprived of their
freedom for political reasons should be at the top of the list. This is
the case of Danilo Maldonado, also known as El Sexto (The Sixth).

We welcome Pope Francis. We are honored by his visit and we hope that
his blessings pave the way to peace, harmony, and a long overdue
national dialogue about the present and future of this country.

We support the citizen’s initiative for the proposal of a New Electoral
Law, which various civil society organizations are also pushing for.
This proposal will allow Cubans to directly participate in the
presidential elections and in a plurality of political options, as this
is the only guarantee of stability, reconciliation, and progress.

We express our complete solidarity and support to our dearly beloved
Cuban artist Juan Carlos Cremata, who has recently fallen victim to
personal attack and censorship of his work by a biased institution that
does not legitimately represent the artists and much less the true
spirit of art.

We’d like to congratulate the international affiliates of our movement
for their efforts in the coming together of this wonderful project. We
thank them for their constant support and send them our best wishes from
Cuba. Moreover, we are convinced that no matter what corner of the world
we are in, we are Cubans above all else and we share the same rights and
responsibilities before our homeland.

We are committed to moving forward, rightfully, waving the flags that
have defined us from the start. Respect, constant effort, commitment to
the truth, thoughtful initiatives, love, and faithfulness to democratic
principles as indispensable foundations of the future that together we
will build.

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