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Cuban Film Director Juan Carlos Cremata Relocates to Miami / 14ymedio

14ymedio, 5 November 2016 — The Cuban filmmaker and theater director
Juan Carlos Cremata decided to stay in Miami and become “one more
exile,” according to the newspaper El Nuevo Herald.

Cremata had been censured for his production of El Rey Se Muere (in
English known as “Exit the King” or “The King is Dying”), a work by
Eugene Ionesco, staged in Cuba by the El Ingenio theater group in July
of 2015, which officials of the Cuban Ministry of Culture took as an
allusion to the former president Fidel Castro, and the play was shut
down after two performances.

After the dissolution of the company and the ban on Cremata’s working in
film or theater in Cuba, the artist wrote letters of protest that were
widely reported in the international media.

Invited by the PEN Club of New York to participate in the World Voices
Festival, Cremata, age 54, decided to remain in the United States.

“When I sensed that in Cuba I would not be permitted to even ‘shoot a
pea,’” I decided not to return to the island,” the filmmaker told the
Miami newspaper.

“Some officials pressured a few friends who were helping me not to do
so. Without saying a word it was clear that that they would not let me
do anything more,” said Cremata, who said it was clear that he would be
confined to “a low profile, which is like a living death.”

“They condemned me to ‘not be’,” he explained.

“And if the Revolutionary slogan is simply ‘homeland or death,’ the most
logical and reasonable is to seek a life elsewhere, even it starting
from scratch.”

Cremata is planning to initiate an ambitious project called “Memories of
Exile,” to be published on social networks. He also plans to bring to
life the work El Encarne (The Incarnate), “the only musical written by
Virgilio Piñera, which has never been produced.”

“Come what may, I intend to continue making Cuban culture. To reflect
truthfully and to speak with propriety about the millions of stories
generated in exile,’ said the artist.

Source: Cuban Film Director Juan Carlos Cremata Relocates to Miami /
14ymedio – Translating Cuba –

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