Censorship in Cuba – Censura en Cuba
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The Cuban Money Crisis The biggest change to the island’s economy isn’t the thaw in U.S.-Cuba relations April 1, 2015 by Patrick Symmes The currency crisis starts about 75 feet into Cuba. I land in the late afternoon and, after clearing customs, step into the busy arrivals hall of Havana’s airport looking for help. I […] Continue reading
Cuba's One-Party State is the Main Obstacle November 10, 2012 By Samuel Farber* HAVANA TIMES — Even though the monopoly of power by the Cuban Communist Party may be compatible with a certain degree of liberalization – that is, a relaxation of the control that the State exerts over certain aspects of economic and social […] Continue reading
A liberal view of tyranny at distance By Michael Moynihan 11:30 AM Tuesday Oct 2, 2012 In 1933, as Joseph Stalin was busy purging his enemies and building a murderous cult of personality, the New York-based left-wing magazine The Nation advised readers interested in travelling to Moscow that Intourist, the Soviet Union's official travel agency, […] Continue reading
US Think Tank View of Raul's Cuba Today August 3, 2012 The following is a review of Philip Peters' A Viewer's Guide to Cuba's Economic Reform. by Samuel Farber HAVANA TIMES — This is a comprehensive account of the economic changes that have taken place in Cuba since Raul Castro assumed power that was prepared […] Continue reading