Censorship in Cuba – Censura en Cuba
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There’s One Nagging Problem With Airbnb Coming To Cuba BY LAUREN C. WILLIAMS POSTED ON APRIL 3, 2015 AT 2:05 PM

First came Netflix, and as of this week, Airbnb has announced its foray into the newly opened Cuban travel… Continue reading

NO EMBARGO, NO CRY ORLANDO LUIS PARDO LAZO MARCH 18, 2015 This article is part of The Mantle’s series Against Censorship. The U.S. embargo against the Cuban government is like those recurrent childhood nightmares, for both Cubans living on the Island and abroad. Oh, the Embargo Embargo: limit of our life, fire of our leaders… […] Continue reading
The Cuba-Iran-Venezuela Relationship: Implications for the United States* [25-02-2015 06:23:26] Jaime Suchlicki Director del Instituto de Estudios Cubanos y Cubano-Americanos de la Universidad de Miami (www.miscelaneasdecuba.net).- President Barack Obama’s announcement on December 17, 2014, about an improvement in U.S.-Cuban relations will have little, if any, impact on General Raúl Castro’s alliance with Iran, Russia and […] Continue reading
Inside Cuba’s hidden faux Internet BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS HAVANA — Cut off from the Internet, young Cubans have quietly linked thousands of computers into a hidden network that stretches miles across Havana, letting them chat with friends, play games and download hit movies in a mini-replica of the online world that most can’t access. […] Continue reading
Here Comes the Packet, Knock, Knock / 14ymedio, Orlando Palma Posted on January 6, 2015 Research shows that among the main forms of cultural consumption in Cuba are television, visiting with friends and listening to music 14ymedio, ORLANDO PALMA, Havana, 5 January 2015 — A Cuban television special this Sunday entitled “They Call Me Cuba” […] Continue reading
Lacking Internet, Cubans Rely On ‘The Package’ For Entertainment JANUARY 05, 2015 3:34 AM ET Cuba has promised its citizens better Internet access in this New Year. The few Cubans who now manage to get online find it expensive and slow. Warming ties with the U.S. have stirred hope for improved telecommunications. But until then, […] Continue reading
Cuba: Where Violence Isn’t News November 28, 2014 Ernesto Carralero Burgos HAVANA TIMES — For some time, the Cuban press has been insinuating that it intends to begin covering crimes and other news that have not commonly been published to date. Despite this, the fact of the matter is that the vast majority of violent […] Continue reading
TEDx Lands in Havana / 14ymedio, Rosa Lopez Posted on November 18, 2014 For some time, TEDx Havana had been cooking. Those of us who for years have followed the trail of this event, which mixes science, art, design, politics, education, culture and much ingenuity, were counting the days until we could hear on our […] Continue reading
Abel Prieto Attacks The “Packet” and “Technological Nomadism” / 14ymedio, rosa Lopez Posted on November 2, 2014 14ymedio, Rosa Lopez, Havana / 1 November 2014 — Why do young people prefer video games to the high-flown revolutionary exploits that national television displays? Is the audio-visual “packet” displacing official programming? Those questions hang in the air […] Continue reading
History as Taught in Cuba: the Soviets vs. the Bourgeoisie and Nazis October 13, 2014 Erasmo Calzadilla HAVANA TIMES — During the summer break, I found a Contemporary History notebook in the trash. It had belonged to a kid in the tenth grade. In a previous post, I wrote about how the history lessons in […] Continue reading
University (for the Tenacious) / 14ymedio, Henry Constantin, Reinaldo Escobar Posted on August 30, 2014 14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar, Havana, 28 August 2014 – Henry Constantin is a native of Camagüey province, born in Las Tunas on Valentine’s Day, 30 years ago. He has been expelled from university three times for his ideas, but still believes […] Continue reading
Roman Catholic magazine in Cuba might soften its political side Franklin Reyes/Associated Press Posted: Saturday, July 12, 2014 11:28 am Associated Press | HAVANA — Launched as a bulletin for Catholic lay people, Espacio Laical magazine became an unusually open and critical forum for debate in Cuba, a rarity in a country where the state […] Continue reading
Somos+ Launches a Project to Save History / Eliecer Avila Posted on July 9, 2014 Among the first victims of January ’59 was the history of Cuba, especially the phase of the Republic. A radical rupture caused the immediate divorce of the new generations with a past that was reduced to four lines in scholarly […] Continue reading
Cuban editors, pressured to leave magazine, announce new venture By Daniel Trotta and Rosa Tania Valdés HAVANA (Reuters) – Two editors who helped turn a Roman Catholic magazine into a rare forum for open debate in Communist-ruled Cuba, then resigned under pressure this spring, announced on Tuesday that they will launch a new forum to […] Continue reading
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