Censorship in Cuba – Censura en Cuba
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NO EMBARGO, NO CRY ORLANDO LUIS PARDO LAZO MARCH 18, 2015 This article is part of The Mantle’s series Against Censorship. The U.S. embargo against the Cuban government is like those recurrent childhood nightmares, for both Cubans living on the Island and abroad. Oh, the Embargo Embargo: limit of our life, fire of our leaders… […] Continue reading
The Cuba-Iran-Venezuela Relationship: Implications for the United States* [25-02-2015 06:23:26] Jaime Suchlicki Director del Instituto de Estudios Cubanos y Cubano-Americanos de la Universidad de Miami (www.miscelaneasdecuba.net).- President Barack Obama’s announcement on December 17, 2014, about an improvement in U.S.-Cuban relations will have little, if any, impact on General Raúl Castro’s alliance with Iran, Russia and […] Continue reading
Burma is closer than we think … / 14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez Posted on October 23, 2014 14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez, Prague, 15 October 2014 – A few years ago, when I was overcome with despair about the situation of my country, I thought about those who were in worse shape with regards to the lack of […] Continue reading
University (for the Tenacious) / 14ymedio, Henry Constantin, Reinaldo Escobar Posted on August 30, 2014 14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar, Havana, 28 August 2014 – Henry Constantin is a native of Camagüey province, born in Las Tunas on Valentine’s Day, 30 years ago. He has been expelled from university three times for his ideas, but still believes […] Continue reading
Official Press: Triumphalism, Blacklisting and Censorship / 14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez Posted on August 25, 2014 14YMEDIO, Havana, Yoani Sanchez, 22 August 2014 – The phone rings and it’s a friend who works for a government publication. She’s content because she’s published an article that attacks bureaucracy and corruption. The young woman finished college two years […] Continue reading
New Measures by Cuban Customs Service Coming in September / Ivan Garcia Posted on July 23, 2014 On September 1, 2014 the Customs Service of the Republic of Cuba will begin enforcing new regulations intended to combat illegal trafficking of merchandise by relatives, friends and “mules”* through airports and port facilities. It’s one more turn […] Continue reading
Posted on Tuesday, 07.01.14 Google exec says Cuban internet is old and censored BY JUAN O. TAMAYO JTAMAYO@ELNUEVOHERALD.COM Fresh from a visit to Havana, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has described the Internet in Cuba as “trapped in the 1990s,” heavily censored and with a weak infrastructure dominated by Chinese equipment because of the U.S. […] Continue reading
Posted on Thursday, 05.08.14 The plight of Alan Gross BY BASILIO GUZMAN CUBACENTER.ORG I sympathize with the plight of Alan Gross, a USAID contractor unjustly sentenced to 15 years in a Cuban prison. Some reports have said he is, or was, waging a hunger strike to protest his confinement; other reports say he is “fasting.” […] Continue reading
Posted on Monday, 04.07.14 Radio/TV Marti defends funding for Cuba program BY JUAN O. TAMAYO JTAMAYO@ELNUEVOHERALD.COM The U.S. government’s Radio/TV Martí stations said Monday there is nothing “subversive,” as the Cuban government alleges, about a platform for cheap group text messages among Cubans run by the broadcasters. “The Piramideo system provides for a free flow […] Continue reading
The Internet in Cuba: 5 Things You Need to Know BY LORENZO FRANCESCHI-BICCHIERAI A misguided attempt by the U.S. government to create a Twitter-like social network in Cuba — which ended with $1.6 million spent and just 40,000 users to show for it — has put the state of the Internet on the communist island […] Continue reading
Posted on Thursday, 04.03.14 ‘Cuban Twitter’ raises question: Is it OK for U.S. to help Cubans? The USAID programs are branded as subversive by critics, and by others as support for democracy BY JUAN O. TAMAYO JTAMAYO@ELNUEVOHERALD.COM Does the U.S. government have the right to circumvent a dictatorship’s controls on information? And if Washington tries […] Continue reading
Cuba: Internet in Your Home from September / Ivan Garcia Posted on March 15, 2014 According to a spokesman for ETECSA, the only telecoms company in Cuba, they are going to start marketing internet in peoples’ homes, with ADSL included, from the first half of September. We don’t yet know what the price of the […] Continue reading
The Impunity of Cuba’s Media February 24, 2014 Yenisel Rodriguez Perez HAVANA TIMES — In a country where news programs offer very little space for true public opinion and silence the discourse of the political opposition entirely, one can expect news to be completely skewed and for no one to feel the need to defend […] Continue reading
The Internet Isn’t Eaten, But it Feeds / Agusto Cesar San Martin Posted on February 24, 2014 HAVANA, Cuba – In the first half of the year the ironic character of the restoration of some of the people’s rights will be perfected with Internet for cellphones. Cubans will have access to the network from our […] Continue reading
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