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The Legacy of Fidel Castro and the Future of Cuba / Iván García Iván García, 6 December 2016 — Some large scale political events, the ones where people are weeping over the death of a “venerated leader” or yelling slogans like ventriloquists, are really smoke and mirrors. A dishonest trick. On April 7, 1957, a […] Continue reading
Why prostitution is a powerful metaphor in Cuban film Are films in Cuba censored? Why is prostitution a political symbol in Cuban films? DW spoke with the curator of Germany’s Film Festival Cottbus, which highlights Cuba this year, to find out more. Founded in 1991 just after the fall of the Soviet Union, the FilmFestival […] Continue reading
‘Kaputt’: The Dreams of a Goethe Institute in Havana / 14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez 14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez, Havana, 6 September 2016 – The word made me smile. I read Kaffeeweißer – coffee whitener – on the tiny envelopes near the coffee machine in a Berlin hotel, that promised to “whiten” that dark beverage that was relieving […] Continue reading
Eight Years of the Cuban Independent Writers Club / Ivan Garcia Posted on November 23, 2015 Iván García, 16 November 2015 — In the depths of the peeling, unpainted building where the journalist and independent writer Víctor Manuel Domínguez lives, a lady, who is waiting for customers behind a display counter of cheap Chinese jewelry, […] Continue reading
Fabiola Santiago: Artist’s censored effort in Havana offered Cubans a voice BY FABIOLA SANTIAGO FSANTIAGO@MIAMIHERALD.COM 01/02/2015 7:50 PM 01/02/2015 9:22 PM If the silence in the Cuban art world (in Miami as well as Havana) seems too maddening for the times, it’s because internationally acclaimed artist Tania Bruguera has shaken — with a powerful, albeit […] Continue reading
History as Taught in Cuba: the Soviets vs. the Bourgeoisie and Nazis October 13, 2014 Erasmo Calzadilla HAVANA TIMES — During the summer break, I found a Contemporary History notebook in the trash. It had belonged to a kid in the tenth grade. In a previous post, I wrote about how the history lessons in […] Continue reading
Rebuilding Cubans as Individuals September 12, 2014 By Alejandro Armengol* HAVANA TIMES — Even though studies and conferences about the rebuilding of a post-Castro Cuba abound, this transformation has never been analyzed in any depth from the point of view of the individual. Urgently taking on the study about the means that will allow Cubans […] Continue reading
Martin Guevara: Leftist, Rightist or Centrist? May 27, 2014 Yusumi Rodriguez HAVANA TIMES – I love reading things when I find ideas that I can identify with, or reflections that could have come from me. I enjoy even more reading pieces whose contents force me to pause and consider arguments that I hadn’t thought about […] Continue reading
Diana Nyad Desecrates 50,000 Graves Humberto Fontova | Sep 06, 2013 Please excuse the families of an estimated 50 thousand freedom-seekers (men women, children, infants) who died horribly on Diana Nyad’s exact route from joining her celebration this week. Many Cubans completed the hundred mile journey on flotation devices most of us wouldn’t board outside […] Continue reading
Forbidden Voices’: Female bloggers fight for freedom of speech By Hazel Pfeifer, CNN May 3, 2013 — Updated 1303 GMT (2103 HKT) Video link: http://www.cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/world/2013/05/03/pkg-shubert-forbidden-voices.cnn.html – “Forbidden Voices” follows lives of female dissident bloggers around world – Female dissident bloggers often suffer violence, detainment by repressive regimes – Film follows Iran’s Farnaz Seifi, Cuba’s Yoani […] Continue reading
Forbidden Voices / Yoani Sánchez Translator: Unstated, Yoani Sánchez She asked only to have the same rights enjoyed by a man in her country. She took the loudspeaker to expose laws that in Iran left her defenseless and at a disadvantage against men. Blogger and feminist, Farnaz Seifi went into exile in Germany after having […] Continue reading
Cuba Always Skimps on Resources for Education and Teachers / Dora Leonor MesaDora Leonor Mesa, Translator: Unstated It is my duty to refute the following public statements: "Cuba does not spare resources for Education" (Juventud Rebelde, August 26, 2011. Print Edition), "… is an education (Cuban) that has been developed in constant conflict with the [...] Continue reading
The Blessed Who Mourn Like Ángel Santiesteban / Ernesto Morales LiceaErnesto Morales Licea, Translator: Unstated How can an admired writer be turned into an alleged and persecuted anti-social? How can one pass from being a creator of stories, a prize-winner, read, respected, cited, to become part of the social evils which, according to the all-powerful [...] Continue reading

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