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El Congreso tumba las enmiendas que buscaban eliminar Radio y TV MartíDDCWashington 21-02-2011 – 6:12 pm.

Tuvieron una fuerte oposición de republicanos y demócratas.

Las enmiendas legislativas que buscaban eliminar las transmisiones de Radio y Televisión Martí fueron… Continue reading

Wall Street Journal:Will Cuba be the next Egypt?6. February 2011 22:38Feb. 7 – Article by Mary Anastasia O'Grady on Monday's Wall Street Journal.

The most striking difference between the two countries is Internet access.

Developments in Egypt over the last… Continue reading

Cuba Solidarity Day 2010 Posted May 20th, 2010

It is the sad plight of the proud Cuban people to live under the yoke of the Cuban Communist regime. May 20, 2010 marks the 108th year of Cuba’s independence. This year… Continue reading

Unleash the Googles on CubaJanuary 29, 2010by Liz Harper

U.S.-Cuba dynamics continue to follow the traditional script of mixed signals. The romance is there; the trust is not.

Shortly after U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Bisa Williams returned from… Continue reading

Visiting Raúl Castro's CubaSamuel Farber

ON JULY 31, 2006, THE CUBAN government announced that due to a serious illness, the nature of which was declared a state secret, Fidel Castro was stepping aside as the head of state. His younger… Continue reading

Posted on Sun, Jun. 25, 2006

THE OPPENHEIMER REPORTBans on books and travel to Cuba could backfire

Andres Oppenheimer


Just when growing numbers of international organizations are stepping up their criticism of Cuba’s decades-old ban on freedom of expression,… Continue reading