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Hunger strike

If you want to start a revolution in Cuba, don’t do it via text WRITTEN BY Ana Campoy September 07, 2016 Cuba has been relying on Chinese technology to build up its telecommunications network. Now it appears to have also adopted the Asian giant’s censorship techniques, according to dissident reports. An analysis by 14 y […] Continue reading
Cubacel Censors Texts With The Words “Democracy” Or “Hunger Strike” / 14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez, Reinaldo Escobar 14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez/Reinaldo Escobar, Havana, 3 September 2016 — If you are considering sending a text message to a friend to wish him a “happy coexistence” with his family or to suggest that he not give in to “the […] Continue reading
After the Castro brothers: How much power will Cuba’s crown prince really wield? Miguel Díaz-Canel, Raúl Castro’s apparent successor, has trod a careful path to the top But without the support of the military and the Communist Party, being president of Cuba might not mean much And what about the youngest generation of Castros? BY […] Continue reading
Cuba frees artist ‘El Sexto’ The Cuban artist was freed Tuesday morning Despite having resumed a hunger strike on Saturday, he says he’s in good health He assures he won’t “slack off” in the work he has ahead of him BY NORA GAMEZ TORRES ngameztorres@elnuevoherald.com Cuban artist Danilo Maldonado, better known as “El Sexto” (The […] Continue reading
Cuba’s much ado about two little pigs A Cuban graffiti artist has been jailed for 10 months El Sexto named two pigs Raúl and Fidel Regime must make real human-rights strides Cuba’s questionable human-rights record is on display again over a relatively insignificant act of civil disobedience. But how authorities have handled it, up to […] Continue reading
Cuban artist jailed without trial for painting pigs ‘Raul’ and ‘Fidel’ awaits release Porcine protest led to eight months in prison for artist El Sexto By Telegraph reporter11:02PM BST 05 Oct 2015 A Cuban artist who was sent to jail without trial for painting the words ‘Raul’ and ‘Fidel’ on a pair of pigs could […] Continue reading
‘The only thing they can´t take from me is my body’ ERNESTO SANTANA | La Habana | 5 Oct 2015 – 12:05 pm. A look of the career and meaning of the artist Danilo Maldonado (‘El Sexto’). Danilo Maldonado, aka “El Sexto” and Tania Bruguera were the protagonists, albeit absent, behind the last Bienal de […] Continue reading
No blogger, no Obama / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo Posted on March 29, 2015 No blogger, no cry. Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo 1 In the beginning was the Blog. 2 But blogs were formless and empty. 3 Repression was all over the blogosphere. 4 And the citizens saw the blogs were good. 5 So that […] Continue reading
NO EMBARGO, NO CRY ORLANDO LUIS PARDO LAZO MARCH 18, 2015 This article is part of The Mantle’s series Against Censorship. The U.S. embargo against the Cuban government is like those recurrent childhood nightmares, for both Cubans living on the Island and abroad. Oh, the Embargo Embargo: limit of our life, fire of our leaders… […] Continue reading
Are There Reasons to be Hopeful in Cuba? February 23, 2015 Veronica Vega HAVANA TIMES — Some days ago, a French journalist who was shooting a documentary here told me he was surprised I could speak of hope when referring to Cuba – not because he doesn’t want to be hopeful, but because the impressions […] Continue reading
“It is up to Cubans decide their future” YOANI SÁNCHEZ, Havana | Enero 24, 2015 In October of 2013 I had a conversation with Roberta Jacobson, via a Google hangout (videodebate), on democracy, technology and the role of women in activism. On that occasion, we interacted through a screen in the company of internauts interested […] Continue reading
Posted on Thursday, 05.08.14 The plight of Alan Gross BY BASILIO GUZMAN CUBACENTER.ORG I sympathize with the plight of Alan Gross, a USAID contractor unjustly sentenced to 15 years in a Cuban prison. Some reports have said he is, or was, waging a hunger strike to protest his confinement; other reports say he is “fasting.” […] Continue reading
Keep the human rights abusers off U.N. council By Editorial Board, Published: November 10 IN RECENT WEEKS, an imprisoned Cuban human rights activist and rapper, Angel Yunier Remón, known as “El Critico,” has been on a hunger strike against his incarceration, and is reported to be near death. An innovative artist with an underground following […] Continue reading
Posted on Saturday, 10.26.13 Be vigilant for those who remain in Cuba MAO35@COLUMBIA.EDU Yoani was here again. I don’t say that lightly, and I don’t take it for granted. That the blogger can leave Cuba and return safely is a profound change. I marvel at and applaud the changes that allow her to come and […] Continue reading