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The Thousand Faces of “Journalism” / Miriam Celaya Cubanet, Miriam Celaya, Havana, 29 March 2017 – An opinion piece published in recent days by El Nuevo Herald gives me a disturbing feeling of déjà vu. It is not the subject – overflowing with a number of articles by different authors – but its focal point, […] Continue reading
Cuba: No Country for Slow DSL Home Internet Plans Written by Larry Press Two years ago, leakers suggested that Cuba might build its home internet plan on super-slow DSL connections. They were wrong, suggests Larry Press. Analysis Facebook6GoogleTwitterEmailMore aNewDomain –There will be no Cuban home Internet plan. That’s my conclusion after having followed Cuban Internet […] Continue reading
Internet laggard Cuba plans to bring web to Havana homes by year-end Reuters October 25, 2016 HAVANA (Reuters) – Cuba, a few decades late to the internet era, plans to bring the web into some households in Havana by the end of the year, the Cuban News Agency (ACN) reported on Tuesday. Communist-ruled Cuba has […] Continue reading
Under Cuban Socialism Something Was Always Missing / Iván García Ivan Garcia, 12 September 2016 — In the best of times, when there were two ration books, sixty-year-old retiree Juan Alberto was happy. One was for food, which allotted you half a pound of beef every fifteen days, and one was for “manufactured goods,” which […] Continue reading
Cuba lags behind in ICT OSMAR LAFFITA ROJAS | La Habana | 7 de Septiembre de 2016 – 11:57 CEST. Of the 329 sections into which the “Conceptualization of the Economic Model” document is divided, only number 110 refers to Communications. It reads: “Social communications are a strategic resource of the State, institutions, companies and […] Continue reading
Cuba: The Big Change Alma Guillermoprieto MAY 12, 2016 ISSUE One could swear that nothing has changed. The chaotic lines we travelers form in front of Cuba’s stern immigration officers; their belligerent slowness; the noise and heat in the too-small room; the echoing shouts across the room from one olive-green-clad person to another (an argument […] Continue reading
How to do good business in Cuba Lindsay Lloyd 12:32 a.m. EDT April 5, 2016 President Barack Obama’s recent visit to Cuba showed the same fault lines in American attitudes toward the communist island that have existed since 1959. But it remains to be seen if the administration’s decision to engage with Havana will produce […] Continue reading
After the Castro brothers: How much power will Cuba’s crown prince really wield? Miguel Díaz-Canel, Raúl Castro’s apparent successor, has trod a careful path to the top But without the support of the military and the Communist Party, being president of Cuba might not mean much And what about the youngest generation of Castros? BY […] Continue reading
Time to Bring Cuba Online By THE EDITORIAL BOARD NOV. 30, 2015 21 COMMENTS Millions of Cuban citizens could have affordable access to the Internet in a matter of months. The only thing keeping the island in the digital Dark Ages is a lack of political will. Cuban officials have long blamed the American embargo […] Continue reading
Cuba’s really terrible internet, explained The internet in Cuba is so bad that Cubans had to invent their own. by Johnny Harris on October 5, 2015 A few years ago, some computer gamers based in Havana strung a small web of ethernet cables from house to house so they could play video games together. The […] Continue reading
Distribute and Act on to Save the Live of El Sexto / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo Posted on September 26, 2015 Danilo Maldonado Machado, also known as “El Sexto” (The Sixth) is a graffiti artist in Cuba, imprisoned since December 25, 2014 for attempting to perform an artistic action in a public space. Danilo has […] Continue reading
No Internet? No Problem. Inside Cuba’s Tech Revolution This story appears in the July 20, 2015 issue of Forbes. Robin Pedraja, a lanky 28-year-old former design student from Havana, walked into the Cuban government’s office of periodicals and publications early last year seeking approval for a dream: starting an online magazine about Cuba’s urban youth […] Continue reading
Techweek plans 3-day event in Cuba By Amina Elahi Blue Sky contact the reporter Cuba Caribbean Is Cuba ready for Techweek? Techweek will host an abbreviated private conference in Havana in December, its first step toward expanding to international cities, CEO Katy Lynch ⇒ said Wednesday. If successful, the Dec. 1-3 event could place Techweek […] Continue reading
Coding for a More Open Cuba Nonprofit group’s ‘hackathon’ invites U.S. programmers to create apps for the isolated island PHOTO: DESMOND BOYLAN/ASSOCIATED PRESS By KEJAL VYAS Updated April 7, 2015 8:37 p.m. ET Internet access in Cuba is among the world’s most restricted and expensive, but a rapprochement with Washington is boosting hopes for connectivity […] Continue reading