Censorship in Cuba – Censura en Cuba
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Cuba a mix of corruption, impressive beauty, people By Amelia Rayno / Minneapolis Star Tribune The uniformed woman’s eyes narrowed as she looked me up and down, assessing. Seconds earlier, she had told me that the currency exchange was one floor up at the Havana airport. Now, after processing my poor Spanish, blond hair and […] Continue reading
Cuba: The Big Change Alma Guillermoprieto MAY 12, 2016 ISSUE One could swear that nothing has changed. The chaotic lines we travelers form in front of Cuba’s stern immigration officers; their belligerent slowness; the noise and heat in the too-small room; the echoing shouts across the room from one olive-green-clad person to another (an argument […] Continue reading
Cuba and its Magical Realism in Politics / Ivan Garcia Posted on August 6, 2015 Ivan Garcia, 4 August 2015 — In Latin American literature, magical realism has weighty authors like Alejo Carpentier, Arturo Úslar Pietri, or the genius of Aracataca, Gabriel García Márquez, who with his fictional town of Macondo portrayed a continent of […] Continue reading
http://www.cubaencuentro.com/opinion/articulos/mariela-miami-y-el-castro-de-san-francisco-276883 Mariela Castro, LGTB, Homosexuales Mariela, Miami y el Castro de San Francisco La política de closet abierto ha mantenido cerrada la puerta al debate sobre otros actos represivos, al tiempo que convirtió la condena de la represión pasada en una excusa para no hablar de la represión presente Alejandro Armengol, Miami | 21/05/2012 9:45 [...] Continue reading

Yoani Sanchez – Award-Winning Cuban Blogger

Macrobiotics in Cuba? Only for El ComandantePosted: 05/ 6/11 07:09 PM ET

Every day the information is more easily filtered from the closed official archives to those alternative networks where the news networks run… Continue reading

Digital Rations

Internet Policy in Castro's CubaBy Ellery Roberts BiddleFebruary 3, 2011

Fidel Castro has an acute understanding of the power of communication. It fueled his force as a ruler for over half a century, and was freshly evident last… Continue reading

Visiting Raúl Castro's CubaSamuel Farber

ON JULY 31, 2006, THE CUBAN government announced that due to a serious illness, the nature of which was declared a state secret, Fidel Castro was stepping aside as the head of state. His younger… Continue reading

Ibn Warraq, Michael WeissInhuman RightsThe UN's Human Rights Council, friend to Islamists and tyrants everywhere

In December 2006, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), an international group established in 1971 and representing 57 countries, hosted an emergency summit in… Continue reading

CUBA-EEUU:Derechos humanos otra vez en entredichoPor Patricia Grogg

LA HABANA, 8 mar (IPS) – Si bien no aparece entre los objetivos principales conocidos de la gira que inicia este jueves por cinco países latinoamericanos, el presidente de Estados Unidos, George… Continue reading

Cuba: entre la esperanza y el miedoEstados Unidos no quiere imponer su modelo en Cuba.Thomas Shannon*

¿Cómo sería vivir en un paraíso tropical, pero estar excluido de sus playas más hermosas, o vivir a pocas cuadras de elegantes restaurantes, sin… Continue reading

Cuba's future

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

What would it be like to live in a tropical paradise, but to be banned from using its most beautiful beaches; live blocks away from fine restaurants, but not be allowed to eat in… Continue reading

Posted on Wed, Nov. 15, 2006

Academic aid in Cuba faces obstaclesBy OSCAR CORRALcorral@MiamiHerald.com

John Virtue crammed everything a reporter needed to know into a clandestine workshop for independent journalists in Havana four years ago. But he just couldn’t squeeze… Continue reading

Cuba without Castro: seeds of change finally sproutingThe US and others must provide resources and information to post-Fidel Cuba.

By John HughesWith Fidel Castro currently, and perhaps permanently, not controlling events in Cuba, how should the United States react?

If… Continue reading