Censorship in Cuba – Censura en Cuba
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Democracy in Cuba is smuggled on thumb drives, spreads on street networks Revolution in the time of the internet by Brian Crecente@crecenteb May 19, 2017, 4:30pm EDT Cuba is like the memory of somewhere you’ve never been. It’s the bilinearity of capitalism and commercialism, rum and coke, offline and on, that takes two opposing ideas […] Continue reading
When Your Ally’s Beards are on Fire*… / Miriam Celaya Cubanet, Miriam Celaya, Havana, 18 April 2017 — According to an old adage, when you see you neighbor’s beard on fire, go soak your own*. The maxim should be applied to the elderly Cuban dictator, especially if we take into account that the erratic performance […] Continue reading
Cuban Independent Press Grows Despite Censorship / 14ymedio 14ymedio, Havana, 13 October 2016 – The Cuban independent press has been marked by two opposing phenomena: censorship and growth, according to the report on Cuba published by the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) on Thursday. The document prepared for the association made up of representatives from […] Continue reading
Seven signs Cuban media is moving toward openness By Jon Elliston AUGUST 9, 2016 THE MASS MEDIA IN CUBA for decades was exclusively run by a rigid state monopoly, and even now, the government controls most of the news that makes its way to citizens. But significant cracks may be opening. As I’ve learned during […] Continue reading
New Cuban journalism emerges on the internet, beyond official and opposition media Digital journalism has arrived in Cuba, in the Cuban way. BY DANIEL WIZENBERG Knight Center Rodolfo Romero is 27 years-old. He received money from the government to finance a news site. It was going to be called Cuba accuses (Cuba acusa) but he […] Continue reading
Cuban Alternative Journalism: Challenges and Commitments / Iván García Ivan Garcia, 3 May 2016 — One morning in 1996, the poet and journalist, Raúl Rivero, Director of the press agency Independent Cuba Press, called me at home in Víbora, to ask me to cover the trial of a dissident in a municipal court in Cerro. […] Continue reading
Cuba Gets Connected A yellow submarine breaks the information embargo Matt Welch from the June 2016 issue “For you, the Internet is like water,” our tour guide told us as we barreled through Havana’s storied La Rampa neighborhood after a night out. “For us, it is like caviar.” She motioned out the bus window where […] Continue reading
Rolling Stones make history with free concert in Cuba POSTED 9:22 AM, MARCH 26, 2016, BY CNN WIRE, UPDATED AT 09:26AM, MARCH 26, 2016 HAVANA, Cuba (March 26, 2016) — It may have only been rock ‘n’ roll — but Cubans seemed to like it. On Friday, the Rolling Stones became the first major international […] Continue reading
The Crosshairs in the Crosshairs / Regina Coyula Posted on March 13, 2016 Regina Coyula, 12 March 2016 — In a decision that takes one’s breath away, even among commentators who defend official orthodoxy, the author of the blog El Colimador (The Crosshairs) has decided to stop publishing. He had been “notified by the monitoring […] Continue reading
After the Castro brothers: How much power will Cuba’s crown prince really wield? Miguel Díaz-Canel, Raúl Castro’s apparent successor, has trod a careful path to the top But without the support of the military and the Communist Party, being president of Cuba might not mean much And what about the youngest generation of Castros? BY […] Continue reading
Cuba News Radio Highlights: 5 Facts About Radio Martí By Alisha McDarris | Thursday, 31 Dec 2015 12:29 PM Radio Martí offers news, commentary, and entertainment for Cubans, by Cubans, from America. Seven days a week the station broadcasts “unbiased, objective information to all Cubans,” according to the Broadcasting Board of Governors, an independent, yet […] Continue reading
“It is a good time for Cuban independent journalism” / 14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar Posted on November 4, 2015 14ymedio, Havana, 3 November 2015 – He just won the top prize in the Havana Newsprint journalism contest, but Roberto de Jesus Quinones feels that reporting is only one part of his civic responsibility. A lawyer by […] Continue reading
This is Cuba’s Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify – all without the internet How media smugglers get Taylor Swift, Game of Thrones, and the New York Times to Cubans every week by Johnny Harris on September 21, 2015 This is “El Paquete”: A Cuban media platform is based on a web of human data traffickers. In […] Continue reading
The Cuban Government Unveils Its Version of Google / 14ymedio Posted on July 19, 2015 14ymedio, Havana, 13 July 2015 — The launching of a new Cuban Internet search engine was barely mentioned on official websites or on tonight’s national newscast. However, it was reported that on the occasion of the Tenth Congress of the […] Continue reading